Established in 2006, the LET is composed of three of the largest global logistics and transportation companies: Agility, Maersk and UPS. Through the LET-Cluster partnership, the three companies provide vital logistics support in large-scale, sudden onset natural disaster emergency responses around the world.

Since 2006, the LET has been active in more than 18 emergency operations. Recently In 2015, LET partners provided specialised personnel for deployment in emergency operations in Nepal (2015), Vanuatu (2105), and the Philippines (2015) and Haiti (2016).

The partner companies also provided crucial support during the Ebola response, involving staging areas for consolidation of cargo, coordination of requests and standby capacity for overland transport in Europe, and ocean freight and container services.


In order to strengthen disaster preparedness, this training aims to familiarise high-level logistics personnel from the member companies, based in a specific disaster-prone region, with the challenges and requirements faced in a humanitarian emergency response.

Based on the principles of the support that the LET provides to the humanitarian community, the training provides a first-hand experience for the participants on how to utilise their logistics skills, experience and local knowledge most effectively in an emergency.


Each annual three-day training is held in a different disaster-prone region, bringing together personnel from the three companies and humanitarian actors. The training includes a simulation of a sudden-onset emergency response to give participants an experience of the challenges faced.

Please note that this training is for LET members only.