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 Sea Transport

CMA CGM offers free-for-user cargo transport (shipping and loading only) from Marseille, France to Beirut, Lebanon. ETD 21 August (TBC). Interested partners are invited to insert transport needs in CHOCOLAT or contact CMA through

11 August 2020 13:00
 Meeting Minutes
10 August 2020 16:00

Dedicated Logistics Sector Coordinator based in Beirut. Regular Logistics Sector coordination meetings take place online.

Information Management

Dedicated Information Management Officer working remotely to support operational needs.

Humanitarian partners can fill out their needs for international cargo transport in this form. The information will facilitate consolidation of transport requirements to connect with existing offers.

The information will subsequently be displayed in a dashboard called Cluster Humanitarian Operational Coordination of Logistics and Air Transport (CHOCOLAT) and shared with the concerned partners.This does not imply an offer of service from the Logistics Cluster, or WFP as lead agency.


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Field Locations


Alia Zaki
(Information Management Officer)
Mobile Number: +39 342 185 2248

Beirut - Lebanon

Cyril Martin
(Logistics Cluster Officer)
Phone: +96181314544

HQ Rome, Italy

Bruno Vandemeulebroecke
(Deputy Global Logistics Cluster Coordinator)
Mobile Number: +39 347 269 2622
Gilles Cimetière
(GLC Focal Point)