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 Meeting Minutes
07 November 2018 00:15
05 November 2018 19:30
 Operation Overview
02 November 2018 12:15

Coordination cell in Cox’s Bazar

Otavio Costa [+880 1713750610]


Service support in Cox’s Bazar

Priya Pradhanang [+880 17 0120 2948]


480 m2 common storage in Teknaf Logistics Hub

2,160 m2 common storage in Madhu Chara Logistics & Engineering Hub

Information Management

IM capacity in Cox’s Bazar

Alexandra Parisien [+880 170 120 2929]

For access to common storage services provided by Handicap International in Unchiprang, Teknaf:


Field Locations

Cox's Bazar

Otavio Costa
(Logistics Sector Coordinator)
Mobile Number: +880 1713750610
Ashim Shrestha
(Storage Service Support)
Mobile Number: +880 1766695494
Priya Pradhanang
(Cargo Tracking Officer)
Mobile Number: +880 1701202948
Alexandra Parisien
(Information Management Officer)
Mobile Number: +880 1701 202 937
For service requests, please contact:

HQ Rome, Italy

Sean Price
(GLC Focal Point)
Mobile Number: +41 (0)76 528 0378
Skype Contact: skype: seanprice1978

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