Strengthening local supply chain resilience.
Empowering national responders.
Saving lives, time and costs.

This is Logistics Cluster preparedness.


Disaster preparedness reduces time, money and complexity in humanitarian response and lessens the need for international mobilisation. Studies show that supply chain can account for up to 80 per cent of humanitarian response costs. That's why the Logistics Cluster is focused on strengthening national systems and supporting long-term, locally-driven preparedness initiatives!


Preparedness isn’t a singular action, it requires ongoing effort and collaboration at the global, national and community level. The Logistics Cluster project aims to create a common, sustainable approach to supply chain preparedness. The project currently focuses on six disaster-prone priority countries for 2018, chosen by Logistics Cluster partners, and based upon risk indices and national-level logistics performance and capacity indicators. A pilot was completed in Haiti in 2017.

The initiative is built upon localisation and skills-transfer. We aim to ensure national responders have the tools and knowledge needed to take ownership of humanitarian logistics operations and reach vulnerable communities during times of disaster. Through the support of a dedicated, in-country Logistics Cluster staff member, the project is focused on enhancing coordination, collaboration and knowledge sharing. Activities include the delivery of government-led trainings and simulations to identify supply chain challenges and vulnerabilities, the development of key documents, as well as integrating data and mapping technology into disaster planning.


A key feature of the project is the Logistics Cluster Preparedness Platform. Developed as a dynamic and innovative digital data collection tool, the platform (currently in test phase) combines imagery, mapping, analytics and real-time reporting to improve decision making for preparedness and response.



HQ Rome, Italy

GLC preparedness contact
Martin Keitsch
(Preparedness Lead Officer)
Mobile Number: +39 345 6044085
Samuel Terefe
(Field Support - Preparedness Officer)
Phone: +39 3497420595


Aaron Holmes
(Regional Preparedness Officer)
Phone: +66 81 913 2745
Skype Contact: aarongh
WhatsApp Number: +62 818 484 566

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