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Concept of Operations
  • Coordination units and dedicated staff operate in key locations including Sana'a and Aden. 
  • Storage in Aden (5,100 m2), Bajil (5,000 m2) and Sana'a (6,900 m2) is available, security and access permitting.
  • Access to sea cargo transport from Port of Origin to Al Hodeidah. Access to inland road transport from Sana’a, Aden, Al Hodeidah and Bajil.
  • Logistics information management provided.

For technical guidance on COVID-19 please refer to WHO's dedicated page here.

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For cargo storage and transport requests, please contact:

UNHAS Yemen Booking Office

Chief UNHAS Yemen

Samson Mwangi

Office Number
+967 730 600 508
Coordination Officer

Sarah Reggianini

Office Number
+967 739 888 101
UNHAS Addis Ababa, Aviation Officer

Einar Schjolberg

Office Number
+251 94 312 1927
Logistics Cluster Deputy Coordinator

Mamadou Thiam

Office Number
+967 712 223 531
UNHAS Addis Ababa, Aviation Officer

Qusai Aljalamdeh

Office Number
+251 94 312 1925
UNHAS Sana'a, Head of Booking Office

Rashed Alsaadi

Office Number
+967 735 477 740
GLC Focal Point

Kelly Bradley

Logistics Officer

Sami N. Thabit

Office Number
+967 730 600 521