Customs Help Desk

The Logistics Emergency Teams (LET) is comprised of four of the largest global logistics and transportation companies: Agility, UPS, Maersk, and DP World, which work together to support the Logistics Cluster led by United Nations World Food Programme. The partnership was facilitated by the World Economic Forum in 2005. The companies join forces to support the humanitarian sector during emergency response with pro bono services.


LET member UPS have kindly agreed to provide advice and support to Logistics Cluster partners on customs requirements related to the import of goods to Ukraine.

To access the service, please follow these steps:

  1. Using this spreadsheet template, complete all information that you are able to. If there is additional information that you think is relevant, please include in the body of the email.
  2. Attach your information to an email, addressed to

Note: the advice given under this helpdesk is not legally binding and UPS will not be liable for the outcome of any advice followed unless under contract.



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Contact UPS

UPS advice will be available from Monday 11th April.