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 Cargo transport schedule
22 October 2019 15:00
 Cargo transport schedule
21 October 2019 13:15
 Cargo transport schedule
14 October 2019 13:45
 Meeting Minutes
14 October 2019 11:45
 Meeting Minutes
14 October 2019 10:30
 Operation Overview
14 October 2019 09:00
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 Situation Update
09 October 2019 09:45

Coordination cell in Juba - fortnightly meetings held. Field level coordination meetings also held in Bor, Bentiu, Malakal, Rumbek, Wau and Yei.


Common storage services are provided in Agok, Akobo, Bentiu, Bor, Ganyiel, Juba, Kapoeta, Koch, Malakal, Malualkon, Maridi, New Fangak, Nimule, Nyal, Pibor, Rumbek, Torit, Twic, Wau, Yambio, Yei and Yida.


Common road transport services (shunting) in Bentiu, Bor, Juba, Malakal, Rumbek, and Wau.


Air Transport

Air transport services are provided throughout the country where there is no access by road. Locations change based on the needs of the humanitarian community.


Sea/River Transport

Barge transport service from Bor/Malakal to Kodok, Melut, New Fangak and Tonga. Loading is to take place in either Bor or Malakal for these locations.

Boat transport service ex-Malakal to Atar 3/Diel, Kaka, Khorfulus (other locations by request), Kodok, Melut, New Fangak, Renk, Tonga and Wadakona. 

Information Management

Dedicated IM Officer and GIS Officer in Juba.

Capacity Building and Training

Dedicated Training Officer based in Juba; trainings to be organised in different locations of the country depending on national capacity needs.


Dedicated Preparedness Officers based in Juba; efforts are focusing on Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) preparedness.  

Country Resources

South Sudan

Humanitarian Needs Overview (HNO), Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) and other country strategic documents for South Sudan can be found at the following link: OCHA South Sudan



Field Locations


Fiona Lithgow
(Logistics Cluster Coordinator)
Mobile Number: +211 922 465 747
Jessica Cochran
(Deputy Logistics Cluster Coordinator - Operations)
Mobile Number: +211 922 845 790
Patrick Mills Lamptey
(Deputy Logistics Cluster Coordinator - Preparedness)
Mobile Number: +211 922 845 791
Brian Langdon
(Logistics Officer - Preparedness)
Phone: +211 922 654 670
Skype Contact: bclangdon1
Consolata Muriuki
(Logistics Officer - Preparedness)
Mobile Number: +211 922 469 602
Skype Contact: consolata.muriuki
Diko Amariah
(Logistics Associate – Cargo Tracking)
Phone: +211 922 469 582/+211 915 631 235
Skype Contact: Diko Amariah
Bernadette Muutu-Tobey
(Air Movement Officer)
Mobile Number: +211 912 300 574
Karolina Greda
(Training Officer)
Phone: +211 922 465 888
Skype Contact: karolina.greda
Sabri Benzaid
(Information Management Officer)
Mobile Number: +211 922 654 644
Skype Contact: benzaid.sabri
Mohamed Elhusseini
(GIS Officer)
Mobile Number: +211 966 465 554
Skype Contact: mhhassan001
Lemi John
(Logistics Associate)
Phone: +211 977 134 160
Mobile Number: +211 922 465 572
For service requests, please contact:


Simon Gai
(Logistics Associate)
Phone: +211 915 543 755
Mobile Number: +211 917 779 822


Issam Abdo
(Logistics Officer)
Mobile Number: +211 912 300 488


Nina Asutsa
(Procurement and Logistics Officer, IOM / Logistics Cluster Focal Point )
Phone: +211 913 482 729


Blessing Dzambo
(Logistics Officer)
Phone: 1369-5022
Mobile Number: +211 956 414 072
Skype Contact: Blessing.Dzambo


Thomas Ganyiza
(Logistics Associate)
Mobile Number: + 211 922 465 559


Awil Haji Ali Gure
(Chief of Yei Field Office, UNICEF / Logistics Cluster Focal Point)
Phone: +211 923 666 337

HQ Rome, Italy

Andre Hermann
(GLC Focal Point)

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