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 Sea Transport

The WFP time-chartered vessel MV Spiekeroog is currently en route to Djibouti – her tentative schedule is as follows: 

Mombasa 30.01.21 16.02.21
Mogadishu 18.01.21 01.03.21
Djibouti 06.03.21 08.03.21
Bossaso 10.03.21 TBC
Berbera TBC TBC


02 March 2021 14:45
 Meeting Minutes
25 February 2021 11:30
 Air Transport
24 February 2021 10:45
 Meeting Minutes
10 February 2021 14:15
 Border Crossings and Customs
28 January 2021 12:00
 Meeting Minutes
26 January 2021 19:45
 Overland Transport
25 January 2021 11:30
 Meeting Minutes
15 January 2021 11:45
 Air Transport

Due to renovation works at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) UNHAS operations will be moved to Terminal 2 effective Thursday 14 January 2021.  

As congestion is expected at Terminal 2, passengers must refer to terminal information on tickets and arrive early for check-in.

11 January 2021 11:30

Coordination cell based in Nairobi and Mogadishu; bi-monthly coordination meetings held online and ad hoc as required.


Storage can be made available in 10 locations throughout Somalia on request. Storage locations include: Mogadishu, Kismayo, Galkayo, Dhobley, Dollow, Dhushamareb, Baidoa, Bossaso, Berbera, and Hargeisa. Temperature-controlled storage is available in Mogadishu and Bossaso. 


Road transport services between key strategic locations are available upon request.

Air Transport

Air transport is available from Mogadishu and Nairobi to locations throughout Somalia, based on request.

Sea/River Transport

Cargo shipping services are available to the following destinations from Mombasa (Kenya), Djibouti, or other ports within Somalia: Mogadishu, Kismayo, Berbera, and Bossaso. 

Information Management

Logistics information management provided.

Country Resources


Field Locations


Julie Vanderwiel
(Cluster Coordinator)
Amelia Stewart
(Information Management Officer)
Otavio Costa
(Logistics Officer)
Lucy Wambogo
(Logistics Assistant / RITA Focal Point)


Pray Gwatinyanya
(Air Operations Coordinator)

HQ Rome, Italy

Andre Hermann
(GLC Focal Point)

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