To receive information on the Pacific humanitarian logistics activities.

Concepto de operaciones
  • Coordination hub based in Suva. Regional Pacific Logistics Cluster meetings will be held fortnightly.  These meetings are currently being held remotely by teleconference.
  • Common storage services will be initially established in Nadi, Fiji.  This will be in a bonded warehouse to support the transit of cargo from outside of the Pacific to other Pacific countries. 
  • Air transport will be made available as a last resort, for urgent humanitarian cargo.  Cargo will be consolidated in Nadi, Fiji for distribution to other Pacific countries.
  • Information management support is being provided to the cluster remotely.

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Recursos país

Pacific Multi Country Office in Suva, Fiji

Andrea Cecchi
Head of Logistics & Logistics Cluster Coordinator
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+679 7208810
Karolina Greda
Emergency Preparedness & Response Logistics Officer
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+679 7208507
Titilia Rabuka
Logistics Preparedness Officer
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Número Móvil
+679 7208837
Matthew Donoghue
Oficial de Aviación
Correo electrónico
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+679 7208504
Akosita Lewai
Information Management Officer (Logistics)
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Número Móvil
+679 7040914
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Wipawa Chuenchit
Oficial Regional de Preparación
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Sede Roma, Italia

Silvia Pontillo
Punto Focal del GLC
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