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 Concept of Operations
29 January 2019 16:45
 Meeting Minutes
24 January 2019 11:00
 Meeting Minutes
20 January 2019 13:15
 Border Crossings and Customs

The Fishkhabour border crossing will be closed to cargo until 27 January (inclusive) due to the bridge reconstruction.

18 January 2019 11:15

Coordination cells established in Baghdad, Dahuk and Erbil where meetings are held at least once a month.

Information Management

Dedicated Information Management currently based in Erbil with roving role between Dahuk and Baghdad.

Country Resources

Humanitarian Needs Overview (HNO), Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) and other country strategic documents for Iraq can be found at the following link: OCHA Iraq

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Field Locations


Cameron Kiss
(Logistics Cluster Coordinator)
Mobile Number: +964 (0)780 915 0948


Gabriela Espana
(Information Management Officer)
Phone: +964 (0)780 915 0984
Skype Contact: logcluster.iraq
Farhad Rasul
(Logistics Associate - Customs Focal Point)
Mobile Number: +964 (0)780 915 0985
For service requests, please contact:

HQ Rome, Italy

Andre Hermann
(GLC Focal Point)