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 Air Transport

Le vol du Dornier 228 (UNO-218H) prévu le 12 Mars et desservant les villes Kalemie-Manono-Malemba Nkulu-Mitwaba-Pweto-Moba-Kalemie sera annulé pour maintenance obligatoire.

20 February 2019 17:00
 Air Transport

Les vols de la Caravane 208 (UNO-578H) prévus le 25 (desservant Dungu-Aru-Bunia-Aru-Dungu-Doruma-Dungu), 27 (desservant Dungu-Doruma-Bunia-Aru-Dungu) et 28 Février (desservant Dungu-Doruma-Bondo-Dungu) seront annulés pour maintenance obligatoire.

20 February 2019 15:30
 Meeting Minutes
15 February 2019 19:00
 Meeting Minutes
15 February 2019 10:15

Monthly coordination meetings held in Kinshasa, Tshikapa, Kananga, Mbuji-Mayi, Kalemie, Bukavu, Goma and Bunia.

Information Management

Dedicated Information Management Officer in Kinshasa, focal points in Kananga, Bunia, Bukavu and Kalemie. GIS capacities in Kinshasa and Kananga.

Country Resources

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Humanitarian Needs Overview (HNO), Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) and other country strategic documents for the Democratic Republic of the Congo can be found at the following link: OCHA Democratic Republic of the Congo

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Field Locations


Christophe Vial
(Logistics Cluster Coordinator)
Phone: +243 817006890
Cheikh Mousseit
(IM/KM Officer)
Phone: +243 815946582
Thony Kadogo
(Information Management Officer)
Phone: +243 998630931
Skype Contact: thony.kadogo
Ladislas Kabeya
(Geographic Information System (GIS))
Phone: +243 817150679
Jean Paul Ngalamulume
(GIS Assistant)
Phone: +243 970141931


Isaac Ikele
(Cargo Tracking Officer)
Phone: +243 819607830
Skype Contact: isaac.ikele

Kananga/Kasai central

Reine Ngalle
(Information Management Officer)
Phone: +243 817006836

Bukavu/Sud Kivu

Israel Mukadi
(Logistics Assistant)
Phone: +243 817006831

HQ Rome, Italy

Gilles Cimetiere
(GLC Focal Point)