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19 April 2019 16:00
 Meeting Minutes
19 April 2019 12:30
 Meeting Minutes
17 April 2019 15:45
 Meeting Minutes
16 April 2019 15:30
 Meeting Minutes
13 April 2019 19:45
 Air Transport

The engine equipment (K Loader) offloading wide bodied aircraft will be demobilized on 19 April. No more large cargo plane can be offloaded after this date. Should you have air cargo movement after this date please inform the Logistics Cluster immediately.

11 April 2019 13:00

Coordination units and dedicated staff operate in key locations including Maputo, Beira and Chimoio. Regular coordination meetings held in the above locations.



Storage in Beira (1,100 m2) and Chimoio (1,000m2)


Overland/river transport available as/if needs are identified.

Air Transport

Access to air transport for priority cargo out of Maputo (to Chimoio and Beira) and Beira (to locations not accessible by road).

Information Management

Dedicated Information Management Officer based in Beira.

Logistics Capacity Assessments

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Tuesday, 9 April, 2019 - 13:45
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Field Locations


Gilles Cimetiere
(Logistics Cluster Coordinator )
Phone: +258 866357100
WhatsApp Number: +39 3427563403
Radislav Cicic
(Logistics Officer)
Mobile Number: +258 877205200
WhatsApp Number: +258 877205200
Jesus Gutierrez Olivos
(Common Logistics Services Focal Point )
Mobile Number: +258 866 36 1200
WhatsApp Number: +39 347 528 2050
Lila Ricart
(Information Management and Logistics Officer)
Mobile Number: + 258 869449200
WhatsApp Number: +33 609 301 993
Florian Luckner
(Logistics and Pipeline Officer)
Mobile Number: +258 847776823
WhatsApp Number: +39 3482319410
Yuliya Petrova
(Fund Manager)
Phone: +258 867118200
WhatsApp Number: +39 3802889473


Azizullah Khan
(Logistics Cluster Officer)
Mobile Number: +258 846134687
WhatsApp Number: +92 3005935530


Jeanne de Crepy
(Information Management Officer)
Mobile Number: +258 877502000
WhatsApp Number: +33 650 685 011

HQ Rome, Italy

Chiara Argenti
(GLC Focal Point)