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For technical guidance on COVID-19 please refer to WHO's dedicated page here.

For IASC COVID-19 Outbreak Readiness and Response guidance please click here

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Coordination Cell in Bangui (fortnightly meeting held).

Logistics Working Group meetings in Bambari (fortnightly), in Bria (fortnightly) and Bangassou (monthly).


Common storage available in Alindao (160 m2), Bangui (1,786 m2), Bambari (240 m2), Bangassou (200 m2), Birao (320 m2), Bossangoa (240 m2), Bria (80 m2), Kaga-Bandoro (320 m2), and Zemio (240m2).


Road transport service facilitated from Bangui, Bambari and Bossangoa.

Air Transport

Emergency air cargo transport from Bangui.

Information Management

Dedicated Information Management Officer based in Bangui.

Country Resources

Central African Republic

Humanitarian Needs Overview (HNO), Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) and other country strategic documents for the Central African Republic can be found at the following link: OCHA Central African Republic

From the blog

Tuesday, 6 August, 2019 - 09:15
It’s the peak of the rainy season in the Central African Republic (CAR). The downpours are heavy, the foliage is a thick lovely green, but the earth roads are muddy and mostly impassable. It is good news... Read more
Monday, 10 June, 2019 - 14:15
In Central African Republic (CAR), humanitarians are faced with a multitude of complex and unique logistics constraints. Working together is critical to ensure an effective and efficient... Read more

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Field Locations


Katja Hildebrand
(Logistics Cluster Coordinator )
Phone: +236 72187514
Hannah Rees
(Information Management Officer )
Phone: +236 7218 7529
Sandra Legg
(UNHAS Chief Air Transport Officer)
Phone: + 236 7218 7508
For service requests, please contact:

HQ Rome, Italy

Gilles Cimetiere
(GLC Focal Point)
Jean-François Cuche
(GLC Focal Point )