The Global Preparedness Meetings

Global preparedness meetings are held once a year to bring together logisticians working in the area of preparedness at the global level. The meeting provides an opportunity for the Logistics Cluster to get vital direction and feedback on the work in the Field Based Preparedness Project, including the validation of countries of action. It also allows for discussion on wider preparedness topics; and for practitioners to come together and discuss key ideas or present updates on organizational projects and initiatives.


Global Preparedness Meeting - January 2023

The Annual Global Preparedness Meeting 2022 was held from 24-26 January 2023 in Rome bringing together 86 participants from Governments, United Nations organisations, International and National NGOs, Academia and the Private Sector. The main objectives of this meeting, hold as a Design Workshop were:

  • Design a holistic Logistics Cluster preparedness two-year activity roadmap driven by Logistics Cluster partners and stakeholders, turning the Logistics Cluster Strategy 2022-2026 and its Strategy Implementation Plan into concrete activities aligned with preparedness working groups, initiatives, projects, and partner preparedness action across the Logistics Cluster community.

  • Provide a platform for exchange and awareness raising across national and international preparedness actors, stakeholders, partners, and academia on expressed topics of interest (see section ‘Topics’) to elaborate on common findings, recommendations, and action items amongst the Logistics Cluster community.
  • Review the Field-Based Preparedness Project (FBPP) activities, informing the broader partner community about progress, achievements and challenges, identifying good practices and lessons to (re)design the FBPP activities as community-lead preparedness project for 2023-2024, and establish general recommendations for localised, national stakeholder-centric capacity strengthening.
  • Host related working groups, projects, and initiatives active in logistics emergency preparedness to support a crossectional alignment of activities in various SIP areas of preparedness to improve cross-disciplinary exchange and alignment. The Preparedness Working group will re-form with dedicated thematic area leads, expanding its scope of activities to the full.