From 26 to 28 April 2021, the first virtual Logistics Cluster Global Meeting of 2021 reunited 506 participants, including experts from the humanitarian logistics community, academia, and the private sector and all interested stakeholders to have the opportunity to review 2020 accomplishments, reflect on past achievements as well as upcoming targets, discuss improvements and the way ahead. This meeting is a biannual opportunity to share innovative ideas and thoughts on the evolution of the humanitarian logistics sector, the strategic targets, and operational challenges, and the role of the Logistics Cluster.

Day 1 Recordings
  • The Year in Review
  • Prof.Bitange Ndemo: Blockchain and Supply Chains Efficiency in Logistics Operations
  • Disrupted or continued? A debate on the evolution of humanitarian logistics and supply chain
  • Joint Sustainable Packaging Initiative: Working together on sustainable packaging waste management
  • Take aways of Day 1
Day 2 Recordings
  • Introduction to Logistics Cluster operations: Syria and South Sudan
  • Operational Update: The Logistics Cluster in protracted crises, the case of Syria
  • Q&A with the Field: The Logistics Cluster in protracted crisis, the case of Syria
  • Operational Update: The Logistics Cluster in protracted crises, the case of South Sudan
  • Q&A Session on protracted crisis (Syria and South Sudan)
  • The Logistics Cluster Field Based Preparedness Project
  • Open Discussion on the Field Based Preparedness Project (FBPP)
  • Panel debate: Digitization, localisation and capacity strengthening in humanitarian logistics
  • Data-driven decision making: The future of Information Management
  • User journey through
  • The Logistics Emergency Team - User journey through EDUARDO
  • Q&A on Projects activities: Information Management, Log-ie, EDUARDO.
  • Training and capacity building: Change and innovation
  • The Logistics Operational Guide: an online resource for all humanitarian logistics practitioners
  • Partnership for Global Action: Environmental Sustainability in Humanitarian Logistics
  • Projects Q&A - Training, LOG and Partnership for Global Action
Marketplace Sessions
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Training V2
  • User Journey in log:ie
  • The LET, successful private sector engagement with the Logistics Cluster
  • User journey through EDUARDO