The Logistics Cluster Global Meetings are held twice a year, and bring together senior logisticians from humanitarian organisations at the global level. These meetings provide an opportunity to discuss recent Logistics Cluster operations, collect feedback from partner organisations on Logistics Cluster performance, present new initiatives and projects relevant to the field of humanitarian logistics, and since the Nairobi meeting of 2010 they have also served as a forum for strategic discussion concerning the further development of the Logistics Cluster.


The first two days of the Logistics Cluster Global Meeting in Paris focused on operational objectives and in particular to humanitarian responses to sudden-onset natural disasters and to "complex" emergencies.

Following informal discussions at the last Global Logistics Cluster meeting, on the third day a Cash and Markets forum was convened to bring together a large number of actors to examine the Supply Chain Management concerns for cash, voucher and market based programming.

The three-day event involved the highest number of contributions in a Logistics Cluster Global Meeting to date.

On the Agenda:

Operational objectives included: to establish a clearer picture of key events, provide an update on the current developments in the Logistics Cluster Operations in 2013-2014 and to identify any logistics information and coordination gaps. On the first day an in-depth session focusing on the 2013 Typhoon Haiyan Emergency Response in the Philippines was held and comprised of numerous presentations by representatives from NGOs, UN agencies, private partners and donors which provided attendees with an overview of the different actors’ activities and coordination mechanisms in the response. The second day focused on the logistics response to complex emergencies; activities, complexities and challenges were discussed for on-going Logistics Cluster operations including Central African Republic, South Sudan and Syria.

Strategic objectives included: to provide an update on projects undertaken in 2013 including Logistics Capacity Assessments (LCAs), Relief Item Tracking Application (RITA), Lessons Learned – Performance Review and the Logistics Cluster Website and Social Media channels. Possible future projects that could be undertaken were presented and discussed.

The Cash and Markets forum was co-facilitated between the Global Logistics Cluster and the Cash Learning Partnership (CaLP). The format of the third day was structured around a number of short case studies with Q&A, structured plenary discussions and break out groups. The purpose of the forum was to share and exchange across a range of topics (See Annex 1: Agenda), and to begin to map:

  •  What are we already doing (in the supply chain management of cash and markets programmes)?
  •  Where are we succeeding?
  •  Where are we struggling?
  •  How can we work together as a global community going forward?


The note for the record aims to summarise the key discussion points, and the ideas generated for a collaborative agenda of shared interest topics going forward.

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