Logistics Cluster Global Meetings (GLM) are held twice a year, and bring together representatives from Logistics Cluster partners at the global level. These meetings are a forum for strategic discussion of the Logistics Cluster and provide an opportunity to confer on relevant Logistics Cluster operations, collect feedback from partner organisations on Logistics Cluster performance, and present new initiatives and projects relevant to the field of humanitarian logistics.

This Logistics Cluster Global Meeting will be graciously hosted by UNICEF at their Supply Centre in Copenhagen, Denmark. Following intense strategic level discussions throughout 2021, the focus of this meeting is operational and practical, with topics ranging across hot button areas such as sustainability, digitalisation, and locally-led response. These sessions will be facilitated through presentations, breakouts, panel discussions, and active participation; led by a variety of partners and stakeholders from across the humanitarian sector and beyond.

The first day will cover the traditional information updates from the Global Logistics Cluster support team, which will be delivered online, followed by three face-to-face days, and rounded up with an online general marketplace session on the final day, should enough topics be proposed by partners. During the three face-to-face days, day one will be for partners and stakeholders alike to take part in the discussion. Days two & three will be closed sessions for operational partners to dig into practical issues.