06 November 2019  13:00local time  Logistics Base Conference Room, Bentiu, South Sudan
Service Request Form Training - Bentiu, 6 November 2019
South Sudan
Logistics Base Conference Room, Bentiu, South Sudan
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Target Audience: Staff working in logistics, who is typically tasked to fill out Service Request Forms.

Nomination deadline: Friday, 1 November 12 o'clock (noon). We will confirm the list of accepted participants by 2 November COB. Important to note: Interested organisations can nominate up to two candidates. We can accommodate up to 35 participants in total. Subsequent courses will be rolled out during the year.

How to nominate: Please apply using the online form.

Costs: The training is free of charge for participants. The Logistics Cluster will provide tea/coffee break. Organisations need to provide transport to and from the venue. All administrative instructions will follow once all participants are confirmed.

For any questions, please contact karolina.greda@wfp.org.