In the Logistics Response Training (LRTT) skilled logistics professionals are put to the test in a rigorous 7-day simulation, providing immediate operational logistics surge capacity as part of Logistics Response Teams. This training is designed to give the participants a realistic emergency experience through working in field-like conditions, (in tents and with limited connectivity). Participants must overcome obstacles presented by local authorities (military, police, customs etc.) and other logistical challenges in order to complete their objective.



7 days.

Target Audience:


Senior logistics officers.

Training Outcomes:


  • Improved knowledge of emergency response management for senior logistics officers.

  • Enhanced technical, leadership and project management skills in emergency settings.

  • A community of practice established.

  • Reduced duplication of efforts and more efficient use of existing assets in emergencies thanks to common operational mechanisms.

How to apply:


Prerequisite for the participation in the LRT is the Logistics Cluster Induction Training (or e-LCI), Service Mind-set Training and the Basic Security in the Field II Training.

Nomination through Logistics Cluster Focal Point within partner organisations or through the Head of Supply Chain Units within WFP.

The completion of this training is a pre-requisite for participation in the LCTT.

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