The Logistics Cluster Global Meetings are held twice a year, and bring together senior logisticians from humanitarian organisations at the global level. These meetings provide an opportunity to discuss relevant Logistics Cluster operations, collect feedback from partner organisations on Logistics Cluster performance, present new initiatives and projects relevant to the field of humanitarian logistics and they have also served as a forum for strategic discussion concerning the further development of the Logistics Cluster.

Introduction to the Note for the Record (NfR)

This Logistics Cluster Global Meeting hosted by ECHO in November 2016 involved the participation of 53 attendees from a total of 40 organisations. The meeting agenda was based on sessions and discussions focussed on the current status of implementation of the Logistics Cluster 2016 - 2018 Strategy. Time was also given to partner updates and action points raised in London, facilitated through presentations, discussions and working group sessions. This included meetings and presentations from the working groups established during the London Meeting, follow up to the supply chain paper presented at the World Humanitarian Summit, an update on the Lessons Learned missions and discussions on complex emergencies, access and government-led emergency responses.

The Note for the Record is organised to reflect the discussions as they took place during the Global Meeting in Copenhagen. The Meeting Agenda is presented first, followed by a brief description of each session. The Note for the Record aims to summarise the key discussion points, and any ideas generated for a collaborative agenda of shared interest topics and action to be taken forward.