Updated 08 February 2024

The following assessment tool should be used by humanitarian partners to collect information on waste management and recycling infrastructure by country, which can be shared with the humanitarian community via the Logistics Capacity Assessment tool (d-LCA) and the LogIE mapping tool.   

All humanitarian partners are encouraged to collect the information on waste management and recycling companies through the form below and share them with the Logistics Cluster team. There are two forms available for download below:  

  1. Download File 1 = Waste management & Recycling Company Assessment matrix (xls file) 
  2. Download File 2 = Waste management & Recycling Country Infrastructure Assessment (doc file)

To fill in the form, click on the download button and save a copy of the workbook on your laptop, then complete the assessment. 

This process will help updating key information on country-specific waste management services accessible to the whole humanitarian community on this page. For more information, you can contact the WREC team at: global.WREC@wfp.org.

The company assessment matrix is available in English, French, Spanish and Arabic. Once downloaded the worksheet, select the sheet with the relevant language and proceed to fill in the assessment.  The Country Infrastructure Assessment (.doc file) is a narrative form and available in English. 

Note: information is being provided for information only. Partners utilizing the mapping are to conduct their own individual assessments to determine suitability for service provision.  WFP/Logistics Cluster maintains impartiality and does not endorese nor comment on a company's suitability as a reputable service provider.