The process to develop the next Logistics Cluster Strategy – 2022 and beyond – kicked off in May 2021 and will go on until November 2021. Building on the existing the Logistics Cluster roadmap over the past 6 years, the four pillars of the next strategy are specifically anchored on the following components of the IASC guidelines on implementation of the Cluster approach:

  • Establishment and Maintenance of Broad Partnership Base
  • Operational Support
  • Building Response Capacity
  • Standards and Policy Setting

In order to arrive at a completed strategy by November, the approach has been streamlined to abide by a number of fundamental principles: learn from the past; listen to the field; look to the future; leverage relevant expertise and experience; lighten the load; and locate within the humanitarian system. Together, these elements will provide a practical and results-oriented strategy development mechanism.

Given the Logistics Cluster’s strong commitment to be as inclusive as possible and engage its community of partners across the process, a series of consultations have been organised to make sure each and every stakeholder involved with the Logistics Cluster has the opportunity to share their thoughts and inputs to the strategy. 

The first of these consultations was the recent Summer Camp, held from 29 June to 9 July 2021. Divided into nine thematic sessions, a total of 21 hours was dedicated to consultations with 20 stakeholders who shared their views on several topics related to the development of the strategy, providing valuable thought leadership ahead of the drafting stage, which will shortly be undertaken by the Global Logistics Cluster Support Team. The next consultation, “Back to School”, will be held in early September, providing feedback and further building on the first draft.


Any parties interested in obtaining more information and/or contributing to the strategy development process are encouraged to express their interest. Although the main opportunities to engage are highlighted in the timeline, other avenues could be considered for partners unavailable to join within this framework. If you are interested in participating, please reach out to: