671 participants from 148 organisations.

33 training sessions.

8 locations across South Sudan.

But who are the faces behind these figures? Behind every training that took place in South Sudan in 2019, there were people committed to designing, preparing and delivering the training content. The Logistics Cluster engaged with logistics experts, working in both the humanitarian and private sectors, to facilitate sharing of best practices and support national capacity building.

“Working together with partners has been the best part of my experience since I arrived in South Sudan in April 2019,” says Karolina Greda, Logistics Cluster Training Officer. “The partners were truly dedicated and showed lots of flexibility in terms of planning sessions in Juba and beyond, while ensuring the quality of presented content. I think that bringing expertise (and experts!) from different organisations, not only enriches any training session, but also shows that the Logistics Cluster truly is a community of practice.”

The below statements and photos put a human face to the training statistics, recognising those who helped make all of this happen. Kudos to the Logistics Cluster partners and staff for sharing their knowledge and expertise!



Consolata Muriuki

Logistics Officer, Logistics Cluster South Sudan

"It was a rewarding experience to facilitate the induction of a group of vibrant and willing-to-learn national NGOs as the majority of them had little or no experience with the Logistics Cluster activities before. I’m hopeful that we created new professional relationships which will last a long time and help the national partners in delivering life-saving cargo to hard-to-reach areas."




Irineu de Brito Junior

Professor at the São Paulo State University, Brazil

"Logistics training in South Sudan was a unique experience. It was an honour to share our academic knowledge and also an opportunity to hear real insights from the practitioners on various logistics topics we study in academia. It was an exchange that was certainly positive for all."





Mesfin Woghe

Aviation Operations Manager at Tristar, Agility Group

"For Tristar, as a fuel logistics provider, health and safety are an integral part of any activity. Through delivery of the warehouse safety training for the Logistics Cluster partners, I realised that similar safety hazards exist in humanitarian operations, while any injury or equipment damage can be averted by using the techniques and best practices developed at Tristar. It was a great pleasure to share our experience and expertise, hopefully providing value to their important work, which is saving lives in South Sudan."




Misganaw Bimerew

Logistics Officer, UNICEF

"The participants were highly engaged, which is an encouragement for UNICEF and other partners involved to organise more trainings in the future."




Lemi John

Logistics Associate, Logistics Cluster South Sudan

"My favourite part of the Basic Humanitarian Logistics course was demonstrating how to calculate weight and volume. I believe this can support organisations in planning of warehouse space and transportation more efficiently. This also improves their understanding of how to correctly complete the Service Request Form, which is the key document in the Logistics Cluster’s operations."




Kristina De Armas

Logistics and Warehouse Officer, IOM

"The warehouse management training offers a great opportunity for staff from different agencies to join forces and share their knowledge. I was impressed by the participants’ level of engagement, especially during the practical exercises. It was great to see the participants working together and sharing ideas on how to approach common warehouse management problems."


Photo: IOM South Sudan


Blessing Dzambo

Logistics Officer, Logistics Cluster South Sudan

"Practical sessions are fun not only for participants, but also for facilitators, as everyone gets engaged.  The Basic Humanitarian Logistics course definitely supports building the capacity of humanitarian logisticians working in South Sudan. However, I hope we will see more female participants joining the training in future."




Kenyi Phillips

Country Inventory Manager (Supply Chain and Administration), Save the Children International

"I thank the Logistics Cluster for the opportunity to share my expertise with the participants and I have personally also learned from the participants who came from different backgrounds and brought diverse experience. I am proud to be part of the team of facilitators in 2019 and am looking forward to delivering more trainings in the year 2020 and beyond."




Issam Abdo

Logistics Officer, Logistics Cluster South Sudan

"First and foremost, any training is a place to meet and exchange information. Being a trainer gives you an opportunity to meet logistics colleagues from different organisations in person, to understand their mindset and to hear their side of a story. It is a good forum to argue, discuss, question, and to finally agree on common operational standards in logistics."




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