To support the logistical and operational capacity of organisations responding to the Syrian crisis, the Logistics Cluster organised two Warehouse Management Trainings that took place during the                  month of July. Following the Warehouse Management Training held in March 2017 in Antakya, Turkey, and upon the request of the organisations on the ground, the Syria Logistics Cluster put in place additional sessions of this training in Damascus and Amman. To this effect, 23 participants from 14 organisations in Amman and additional 32 participants from 12 organisations in Damascus, had the opportunity to participate and benefit from the valuable information that was passed on. The training included a list of comprehensive courses covering all main aspects of Warehouse Management, including storage and commodity management (practices and procedures), emergency hubs, capacity calculation and suitability of warehouses, inspection and quality standards. The training was conducted in English in both locations. Participants were also introduced to the work of the Logistics Cluster in response to the Syrian Humanitarian Crises. Encouraging them to incorporate good warehouse management practices, these trainings aimed at strengthening organisations capacities, also making available a platform to share their own challenges and experiences. Coordination improves efficiency of the humanitarian supply chain actors. To enhance logistical readiness of the organisations responding on the ground, national staff of all local partners were the main target audience for this training, whose approach was as much practical as possible, focused on exercises and case studies as an active learning process. During the final session of the trainings, participants were reminded to share with the Logistics Cluster their identified training needs, priorities and areas where they think improvement might be possible so that tailored training topics and workshops with integrated application can be prepared and offered in the future.