Global Logistics Cluster: a Joint Strategic Evaluation

This is the first evaluation conducted on an individual cluster. The evaluation assessed the effectiveness, efficiency, utilisation, results and satisfaction of the Logistics Cluster’s products, services and activities at global and country levels. The Cluster’s operations were found to be relevant, effective and provided value to participating organisations. While the ability of the cluster to learn and apply lessons was hindered by the lack of systematic approaches, the cluster demonstrated improvement over time.

The recommendations seek to engage the Global Logistics Cluster, its partners and WFP management in designing a 3-year strategic plan; strengthening financial and reporting systems; enhancing the organisational structure and decision-making; improving cluster human resource management; extending partnership outreach; and engaging in global policy and inter-cluster coordination.

The 2016-2018 strategy builds on the 2013-2015 strategy of strengthening and professionalising the work of the Logistics Cluster to ensure that the humanitarian community has the ability to save lives through timely and reliable logistical service support and information.