In September 2022, the GLC-led WREC project launched a baseline survey to explore the level of awareness of humanitarian partners on the key areas of: circular economy, reverse logistics, greenhouse gas emissions, waste management and environmentally sustainable procurement. You will find the main findings of the survey in this infographics: for additional information, kindly get in touch with the WREC (

Key facts:

  • 82% of respondents confirmed that their organizations is looking into the impacts of their supply chain operations on the environment, while 7% indicated that they are not and 11%  were unsure;
  • 44% of the respondents indicated that Green Procurement represents the most relevant area to focus on to improve the environmental performance and reduce the environmental impacts associated with their operations, followed by Waste management (31%);  
  • Amongst the WREC key areas of focus, the majority of respondents indicated that they are less familiar with Reverse Logistics and Circular Economy. The WREC team will work in close collaboration with partners to develop guidance and fill the knowledge gaps on those topics.