Source Logistics Cluster
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Publication date 11/10/2005

There was a time when Nepal Food Corporation (NFC) was very active and for that purpose it built all over the country a total of 166 godowns offering a total capacity of 97,620Mt. NFC present mandate is to purchase and transport food (mainly rice and sometimes wheat) all over the country but especially to remote areas as well as to supply the Army. Unless so instructed, it is not selling food in areas where the commercial sector can operate.

NFC is supposed to keep a Strategic Stock of 40,000Mt of rice but due to lack of funds the stock is well below 20,000Mt.

Most of NFC godowns are empty and can be rented.

It is important to note that, through their contacts, NFC officials are in a position to find additional storage in case the space they can provide is insufficient.

Handling Equipment:

As it is the rule most of the time in Nepal, handling equipment is non existent. Loading, offloading and stacking are done by hand.

Labour is normally paid by quintal (100kg) at a rate of Rs 4 to 6, i.e. Rs 40 to 60/1,000kg (US$ 0.51 to 0.77)

Pallets are usually made in situ and would cost US$ 1 to 2 per unit.