Source Logistics Cluster
Theme Air Transport
Countries Pakistan
Document type Other
Publication date 31/05/2006

Note: This Article is no more relevant, as all UNHAS Cargo activities have ended on the 31st of May 2006.

To read latest news please refer to ->Closing of UNHAS Cargo Coordination Cell

Telephone contact numbers must be available in order for UNHAS to task air cargo.

Clarification of procedures for UNHAS air cargo tasking.
All users of the UNJLC/UNHAS air cargo service are requested to note that before UNHAS finally task an air cargo movement they will make telephone contact with the shipper to ensure that the goods are available and ready to move. Should they not be able to reach the user, the shipment will not be tasked. Please ensure that multiple contacts are available if users are in the field and that the phone numbers provided on the request form are accessible up until the move is completed. This may be a number of days after the request date.

Any request for passengers to accompany their cargo must be lodged with UNHAS through the passenger movement request mechanism noting, where possible, the cargo movement request number.