Source Logistics Cluster
Theme Supply Chain
Countries Myanmar
Document type Form
Publication date 01/07/2008

The Logistics Cluster has Mobile Storage Units (MSU) that can be loaned to organizations needing to supplement their storage capacity. We can also supply training for their construction, although the Logistics Cluster can not construction them for you. We will be able to move them from Yangon to one of our forward hubs, (Bogale, Labutta,
Pyapon, Mawlamyngyun, and Pathein.) but then it is the responsibility of the receiving organization to transport to final location. Please also be aware that since these MSU will be loaned it is the responsibly of receiving organization to return then to Yangon upon completion of use.

Since the Logistics Cluster has a limited number: priority will be given to organizations; working in new location, length of intended use, and most importantly organizations willing to share usage.

A Temporary Transfer of Property form will be signed between the Logistics Cluster and the receiving organizations. In order to apply for a loan please fill in the attached form and return it to the following email address by Close of Business on Friday July 4th 2008.