Source UNJLC
Theme Supply Chain
Countries Lebanon
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In accordance with the Interagency Transport and Logistics Standard Operating Procedures, UNJLC is responsible for the Supply Tracking and Prioritization of all items that are not food in the UN-operated pipeline as part of the humanitarian relief effort to Lebanon.  UNJLC will carry out its tasking using the UNJLC Joint Supply Tracker (JST), developed in collaboration with staff from UNICEF seconded to the Logistics Cluster.

The objectives of Supply Tracking and Prioritization, enabled by information flow are two-fold:

  • Once received by the Logistics Cluster/WFP at Consolidation and Loading Points (CLPs), JST will track goods/commodities up to Extended Delivery Point (EDP), and "close" of the pipeline upon delivery.
  • Using the information flow produced through JST, UNJLC field-staff will prioritize transport of good/commodities in accordance with needs gathered by agencies.

The use of JST and its reporting functions will produce the following benefits to user organizations and donors alike:

  • Timely delivery of user goods/commodities to the theatre of operations.
  • Increased pipeline visibility and transparency.
  • Production of mobilization, pipeline, and gaps reports.