Source Logistics Cluster
Theme Coordination, Supply Chain
Countries Philippines
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Publication date 23/10/2009

Transport and Logistics Services

The point of contact for all enquiries and the submission of request forms is Receipt of request forms will be confirmed by return email.

  • DHL Asia Pacific has an established Disaster Response Team (DRT) comprising of its employees from the region who are Airside Logistics Specialist and trained in Disaster Relief Aid handling. Find more in the DHL DRT at NAIA Airport - Snapshot and in the NGO Cargo Process at NAIA by DHL.
  • Within  the  framework  of  the World  Economic  Forum,  TNT,  Agility  and  UPS  forgot  business competition  and  joined  together  to  support  the  humanitarian  sector  with  emergency response  logistics  in  the  case  of  large-scale natural disasters. The companies have pooled logistics  expertise,  human  resources,  and  inkind services to be made available to support the relief community when disaster strikes. Find more in the TNT/Agility/UPS Snapshot