Source Logistics Cluster
Theme Coordination, Supply Chain
Countries Pakistan
Document type SOP
Publication date 29/05/2009



This document provides an overview of the logistics services being offered by the Logistics Cluster to all humanitarian actors, regarding humanitarian assistance, under the WFP leadership.

The objective of the implementation of these services is to provide temporary storage and delivery of humanitarian assistance in an efficient, coordinated manner which will also facilitate prioritisation by the Humanitarian Country Team.

These services are not intended to replace the logistics capacity of the agencies or organisations but rather supplement through the provision of common services.

These services will be offered for a limited period of time, initially until the end of November 2009 and may be withdrawn before this date, in part or in full, for the following reasons:

  • Changes in the situation on the ground
  • No longer a perceived need for prioritisation, facilitation or/and coordination
  • Funding constraints

This document will be updated as the situation on the ground evolves and as the available logistics options change.

Humanitarian Actors are not obliged to use these logistics services. However, it is strongly felt that a common and coordinated approach to most efficiently meet the needs of beneficiaries is of utmost importance.