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Muzaffarabad, located in the north, is the capital of the State of Azad Kashmir and its largest population centre. It is situated at the convergence of the Jhelum and Neelum rivers, 138 km from Islamabad and 76 km from Abbottabad. The elevation of Muzaffarabad is 710m, with surrounding mountains which reach up to 3,000m (10,000ft) in the north.

The physical geography of the AJK province is mostly mountainous with many valleys worn down by the rivers. Valley populations are mostly rural communities, with the larger settlements at lower elevations and scattered people and houses at higher elevations.

The earthquake-affected areas include the Allai Valley, the Kaghan Valley, the large Neelum valley, the Jhelum valley and the Lipa valley.

Climate and Seasons

The climate is continental with hot, dry desert temperatures in the northwest and arctic conditions in the north. In Muzaffarabad, temperatures during the day are warm. Night temperatures drop to near zero and much lower in higher elevations.
The prevailing westerly winds bring larger weather systems in from the west.  Small micro-climates exist throughout the mountainous regions

Flood/drought prone areas

As in any steep mountainous region there are active landslides on most steep slopes.  Landslides and rock falls are a major hazard in the region, especially along the roads.

Occasionally there has been severe flooding, especially in north and west along the Indus. This generally occurs after heavy rains and during the spring thaw.

Muzaffarabad area openings at the Line of Control

(please note that these official times  of opening are subject to change without notice.)

  • Nauseri-Tithval - Opens once a week for truck passing and people on a one month visa     
  • Charkoti-Uri - Opens every second week for truck and people on a one month visa.
  • Tattapani-Mander - Opens every second week for truck and people on a one month visa.

Power Stability

Unstable with intermittent power outages daily

GSM/SIM Services

In Muzaffarabad town the connection is fairly good with few cut-offs. However the GSM is not stable, especially in the evenings. Outside of Muzaffarabad town the network does not function well.

Camp accommodation

The camp is administrated by Swedish Rescue Services Agency (SRSA).

  • UN staff accommodation booking - Ms. Meena Mirza #0301 545 6396
  •  Accommodation is free, but out of courtesy USD 5.00 is paid to support social activities in the camp.

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