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The central Mansehra District consists of forest-clad hills, wide valleys and mountains raging from 1,000 - 4,000 metres altitude. Dominant features are the Khagan Valley to the east with steep valleys and high mountains, the Seran Valley to the north and the Indus River to the west.

Mansehra Town is the District Capital. The normal population is about 52,000, this increased to 65-70,000 due to a massive influx after the October 8 earthquake. The other main population centres are Oghi and Balakot towns.


Kala Dhaka, population 397,000 (described as tribal area)
Oghi, population 350,000
Mansehra, population 1,072,000
Balakot, population 397,000

Khagan and Seran Valley have narrow roads which are often very difficult to negotiate. The uppermost areas are usually cut off by snow from November/December to March/April. Roads are also prone to landslides during times of rain and melting snow.

Main Supply Routes

  • The Karakoram Highway from Mansehra runs through the centre of the district via Chatterplain to Batagram.
  • Mansehra-Batrasi-Arab Khan-Bisiam-Balakot-Paras-Naran (Khagan Valley)
  • Mansehra-Batrasi-Arab Khan-Bisiam-Gahri Habibullah
  • Mansehra-Khaki-Oghi

Climate and Seasons

  • Winter starts in November/December with January and February as the coldest months. Temperatures drop below -20ºC in the higher altitudes.
  • Spring is March through April, summer May to September. June and July are the warmest months with temperatures up to 40ºC in the lower areas.
  • Autumn is September/October.

Disaster (flood/drought) prone areas

Lower valleys may be flooded if debris from landslides block the rivers.

Camp accommodation

Mansehra Town has no support camp. Most UN organizations and NGOs have rented private houses for offices and accommodation in Ghazikot Township, located to the west entering Mansehra from Abbottabad on the KKH.

Power stability

Mostly stable, but its recommended to have generator as backup


  4 Service providers:

  1. Mobilink - best coverage, up to Battagram
  2. Ufone - 2nd best
  3. Telenor 3rd best, expanding rapidly
  4. Al Wared



Local ISPS:
Brain net - good (nation wide)

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