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Batagram District is at the northern end of the earthquake affected area. Kohistan is to the north of Batagram District.  Batagram District is made up of 2 Tehsils. Batagram is the southernmost with 12 Union Councils. Bana is the northern Tehsil with 8 Union Councils. Batagram town is located on the Karakoram highway straddling the Nandihar river, 20km above the Indus River which forms part of the western boundary of the district.

The town of Bana is in the Allai Valley and is only accessible via a link road running from the Karakoram highway (junction at Thakot). It winds up the side of the steep mountainous areas of the Indus Valley before entering the Allai Valley over the Rabat Kandaor pass and descending into town.

Generally speaking, the areas to the east (Shumlie) and north (Allai Valley) of Batagram are above the 5,000 feet mark. These areas are very mountainous and all the roads are in poor condition, earthquake-damaged or simply dirt tracks. Therefore accurate information about these areas is still sketchy or incomplete. The southwestern area is bordered by a tribal area (Black Mountains) about which little is currently known.

Climate and Seasons

During the winter, approximately three quarters of the land mass of Batagram can be expected to be under snow. The onset varies in timing, but the coldest months are January and February and there are said to be many areas still under snow until March and April or beyond.  Temperatures in the high areas can remain below freezing for long periods of time, followed a period of snow melt which brings the rivers up. The summers are hot and dry, interspersed with occasional rain.

Disaster (flood/drought) prone areas

The Indus River Valley is subject to flooding every year in spring and early summer with the main snow melt.  The high water mark, which is clear on close observation, is many feet higher than the current water level.

Batagram area IDP Camps

Batagram area IDP camps are currently almost closed and the returns near completion. Meira Camp has been designated to accept the residual caseload until individual solutions can be found.

UN Staff Accommodation

Location: GPS - N: 34^40'31.61"  E: 73^02'06.64"
The Batagram UN staff camp is run by DEMA, Accommodation is reserved for UN personnel and the camp is currently at capacity.

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