Source Logistics Cluster
Theme Air Transport, Overland Transport, Sea and Rivers Transport
Countries Philippines
Document type Situation Update
Publication date 01/12/2013

Guiuan Airport

  • Airport capacity is very limited in Guiuan, with no handling equipment to assist with offloading.
  • 2 x forklifts will now be brought in with 2 operators. These forklifts are expected to be operational on Monday 02 December.
  • There is 1 x 50 Kva Generator, which has been donated to the airport for operations and night lighting.

Guiuan Port

  • The Port of Guiuan consists of a small dock measuring approximately 8 x 15 m.
  • Several organizations have brought cargo into the port and it is severely congested.
  • The road access around the port is also poor and trucks are currently backed up.
  • The Guiuan Civ/Mil Coordinator and the Logistics Cluster have met with the Military Authorities coordinating the airport traffic, Marine presence at the pier and the Port Authorities in order to establish guidelines for decision-making and coordinating incoming vessels. It is expected that a ‘limited time to berth’ regulation will be enforced.
  • The Military Authorities will also coordinate the truck movements in the Port area and work on decongesting the traffic around the Port.
  • Organizations should inform the Logistics Cluster in Cebu and Manila of any vessels they are sending to Guiuan in order to keep those on the ground informed as to what vessels are expected to be coming in.
  • The Logistics Cluster will try to deploy a forklift at the Port.
  • Some organizations are being forced to divert their vessels from the port and divert them to Tacloban instead. The cargo is planned planned to be transported via road to Guiuan.
  • An alternative solution – the Port of Barangai Molos - is being assessed. The information will be provided to partners as soon as possible.

Surface Transport

  • A lack of local transporter capacity has been reported.
  • The Logistics Cluster is providing inter-agency transport in order to support organizations that have high loads of cargo.
  • All of the 2,000 litres of fuel donated free of charge by Fuel Relief Fund, and transported to Guiuan through the Logistics Cluster, has been allocated to requesting organizations. No further supplies are expected to be necessary.


  • There is limited adequate space available for the assemblage of additional Mobile Storage Units (MSUs) in Guiuan. One spot for potential MSU setup, has been secured by the airport; this land has been cleared by the Government and has enough space for the setup of two MSUs. This land is strategically located close to the two inter-agency facilities already in place and has the benefit of having security in place from the Military Authorities.
  • The biggest volume of the cargo coming to Guiuan is emergency shelter currently going directly to distribution with no need for storage.
  • Organizations have extremely limited visibility on their pipeline and are currently unable to provide estimated needs for warehousing in the coming period. However, it appears likely that IOM, People in Need, Electriciens Sans Frontières and UNHCR may be requiring space in an inter-agency warehouse.
  • Oxfam has requested technical assistance from the Logistics Cluster with the assemblage of an MSU. This will be provided on Monday, 02 December 2013.