Source Logistics Cluster
Theme Coordination, Air Transport, Supply Chain
Countries Philippines
Document type Situation Update
Publication date 27/11/2013

Operations Update

  • Over 1,000 mt /2,800 m3 of inter-agency cargo have been dispatched to Tacloban by the Logistics Cluster via sea, air and road transport.
  • Air movement of inter-agency cargo has been facilitated on various military assets.

Air Transport


  • The Logistics Cluster is facilitating humanitarian access to military air assets. The following five flights are leaving from Cebu on 27 November to deliver relief items to affected populations:
  • The UK is sending an RAF C–130 to Roxas with cargo from UNICEF, WFP and UNFPA.
  • Australia and the UK are each sending a C–130 to Tacloban with commodities from Relief International, IFRC and Solidarities.
  • New Zealand and the UK are each sending a C–130 to Guiuan with relief items from MSF, ESF, and ETC.


  • All UNHAS helicopters will now operate out of the Tacloban stadium due to congestion at the airport.

Sea Transport

  • The MV Super Shuttle Ro-Ro 5, facilitated by the Logistics Cluster, is currently being loaded with inter-agency cargo for its second rotation. So far 220 mt of mixed commodities from ACTED, Medair, Concern, UNICEF, IFRC and UNFPA, has been loaded.
  • Commercial shipping capacity has been identified to reach the area of Ormoc. Three routes are offered from Cebu to Ormoc and one to Hilongos, which is 2.5 hours by road to Ormoc


Tacloban Airport

  • 1 Mobile Storage Unit (MSU) has been assembled and is operational at Tacloban airport (24x10m). Now that congestion at the airport is easing, this will be handed over to the Department for Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) within the next couple of weeks.

Tacloban Palo MSU HuB

  • In total, 15 MSUs (28x10m) are planned to be set up at the MSU Compound. At the moment, plans are for 10 for WFP and 5 for the Logistics Cluster, however, this may vary depending on requirements.
  • So far, 10 MSUs for the MSU Compound have been assembled and are operational (as of now, only 3 MSUs have been palleted + 3 plan to be palleted by 27 November).
  • 1 ACF MSU has been assembled and is operational (28x10m)


  • 1 MSU has been assembled and is operational (24x10m)
  • 1 MSU to be assembled 27/11 (24x10m)


  • 1 MSU has been assembled and is operational.
  • 1 MSU is being assembled.


  • 1 MSU has been assembled and is operational.


  • 1 MSU 1 MSU has been assembled and is operational.
  • Agility warehouse (2000m2 capacity), located approximately 5 km from the airport
  • Looking at contracting a storage facility near the port to facilitate the trans-shipment of cargo from the airport to the port for loading onto a vessel.


  • The Logistics Cluster has dispatched 2,000 litres of fuel to Guiuan. The fuel was provided free of charge by the Fuel Relief Fund. Organisations registered their requests for fuel at a general coordination meeting, and await distribution tomorrow.


  • The US Military demobilisation is now complete in Tacloban.
  • The Japanese Military has now begun Chinook flights to take cargo forward to hard-to-reach locations.