Source Logistics Cluster
Theme Coordination, Air Transport, Sea and Rivers Transport, Other
Countries Philippines
Document type Situation Update
Publication date 24/11/2013

Total Dispatched to-date

  • The following cargo has been dispatched on behalf of UNHCR; ACF; AECID; DSWD; Samaritan's Purse; STC; UNICEF; and WHO.
  • 627 mt/2,107 m3 (the equivalent of 64 x 20-ft shipping containers) of inter-agency cargo has been dispatched by the Logistics Cluster via sea transport to Tacloban.
  • 219 mt/384 m3 has been dispatched by road.
  • Air movement of inter-agency cargo has been facilitated on various military assets.
  • 219 mt/384 m3 of relief cargo via road has been facilitated within and out of Tacloban to Guiuan and Ormoc.

Sea Transport

  • As part of the Logistics Cluster free service provision, the WFP-contracted vessel, MV Super Shuttle Roro 5, finished loading in Cebu on 23 November and is expected to arrive in Tacloban on 24 November. It is carrying inter-agency cargo for UNHCR, UNICEF, World Vision. Cargo also includes two forklifts, two telescopic handlers for container operations and a fuel bowser, being sent by DFID to assist logistics operations in Tacloban.
  • In Tacloban, stripping of containers ex-MV Don Alfredo, Sr. continues. Containers stripped on 22 November included Non-Food Items (NFIs) for Samaritans’ Purse, Save the Children and ACF.
  • With the exception of labour, all services in Tacloban port will be provided free of charge until the normal transportation network has been restored and the government’s relief operations are complete.


  • Logistics Cluster has been providing support for humanitarian organizations to establish MSUs in various locations. A team is also assisting with the set-up of prefabs in Tacloban.
  • In Cebu 1 x Mobile Storage Unit (MSU) (10x24m) has been erected at the airport.
  • 1 x 2000 m2 warehouse has been donated by Agility in the Free zone at Cebu Port for use by the humanitarian community.
  • In Tacloban 1 MSU has been assembled and is operational at Tacloban airport.
  • 3 MSUs were erected on 23 November at the Palo (Tacloban) MSU Compound..
  • 1 MSU was erected at a hospital in Tacloban on behalf of WHO. It will be set up with cold chain facilities. The
  • 2 MSUs were dispatched to Ormoc.
  • In Roxas 1 MSU (10x24) has been erected for use by the humanitarian community.
  • 1 MSU has been dispatched to Guiuan by road.

Air Transport

  • Commercial airlines Cebu Pacific, Philippines Airlines and Air Asia have been operating flights in and out of Tacloban.
  • 2 UNHAS helicopters (10 pax each) and a fixed wing KingAir aircraft (9 pax) are operational and serving the humanitarian community with flights ex-Cebu.
  • The UNHAS route map and schedule have been developed and shared with the humanitarian community through the Logistics Cluster and OCHA mailing lists.
  • The Logistics Cluster coordinated a Royal Air Force flight to Roxas with Save the Children Blankets and hardware totalling approx. 8MT.
  • Cebu airport authority has given the humanitarian community a significant amount of additional space on the apron for incoming relief cargo.


  • The Logistics Cluster in Tacloban will be delivering fuel donated by Fuel Relief Fund to Guiuan.


  • A logistics mission took place in Ormoc to assess current logistics capacity. Particular attention was given to the port and its berth capacity; a report will be shared once complete at

Gaps and Constraints

  • The Logistics Cluster has been receiving number of requests for additional storage capacity in Roxas, this will be addressed in the Cluster Coordination meeting in Roxas on Sunday.
  • Procuring empty fuel barrels in Tacloban remains an issue.
  • Singapore, Australia, British, Philippines, US, Japanese, Indonesia military fixed-wing assets operated at Tacloban airport on 23 November and considerable congestion was reported. Over the last 48 hours there has been difficulty in clearing humanitarian cargo from the tarmac.
  • Due to the congestion, the first UNHAS rotation to Tacloban (scheduled for 23 November) has had to be diverted to the stadium.

Standard Operating Procedures for use of Military Assets:

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