Source Logistics Cluster
Theme Coordination, Air Transport, Overland Transport, Sea and Rivers Transport, Border Crossings and Customs
Countries Philippines
Document type Situation Update
Publication date 24/12/2013

Border Crossings & Customs

  • Following the initial phase of the humanitarian response during which customs procedures were expedited in order to ensure the fast entry of relief items, the normal customs procedures must now be followed for the import of all cargo. The One Stop Shop and the Logistics Cluster remain available to assist in an advisory role if required. Advice requests can be sent to Oliver Bartolo (LET Customs Procedures Advisor, +63 9158481559).

Air Transport

  • International air force support operations have been phased out. The final airlift took place on 15 December.
  • Over 1,000 MT/3,000 m3 of inter-agency cargo was facilitated through the Logistics Cluster on military assets on behalf of 34 organizations. Over 84 flights were provided by eight different Air Forces. Main destinations served by air were Roxas 45%, Tacloban 32%, Guiuan 16%, and Ormoc 7%.
  • Guiuan Airport is currently not open for commercial flights and has limited passenger capacity. Only small aircraft and helicopters are authorized to land.
  • As of 24 December, UNHAS has transported nearly 1,500 passengers and 7 MT of humanitarian cargo. 286 flights have been conducted to 20 different locations. (Manila, Cebu, Ormoc, Roxas, Guiuan, Tacloban, Catbalongan, Romblon, Alcantara, San Roque, Palawan, Cuyo, Lungsod, Borangan, Zumaraga, Iloilo, Sagay, Cadiz, Santa Fe and Victorias)
  • UNHAS has reduced the number of operational helicopters from two to one.
  • UNHAS can now re-fuel in Tacloban which has increased the payload capacity of flights.
  • UNHAS will not be operating scheduled flights on 25 and 26 December 2013, and also on 01 January 2014. However, UNHAS will remain on standby for emergency situations.
  • UNHAS is now operating two flights per day between Cebu and Tacloban (morning and afternoon), however in line with the decrease in demand to Roxas and Guiuan, flights in and out of these locations now take place three times per week.
  • For reasons of maintenance and crew rest, flights will no longer take place on Sundays, however UNHAS remains on emergency standby and can be reached Tel: 09158616981/09276029005.

Overland Transport

  • A fleet of 10 trucks is being contracted to support to the humanitarian community in Roxas. An updated list of commercial transporters is available at:
  • 20 trucks a day are provided to the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) in Tacloban to support their distribution activities across Leyte, along with 3 Mobile Storage Units (MSUs).
  • To date, the Logistics Cluster has facilitated the transport of 5,812 m3/3,580 MT of inter-agency cargo by road.

Sea Transport

  • The MV Super Shuttle Ro-Ro 5 arrived on 21 December to Tacloban loaded with over 1,000m3 of Non-Food Items (NFIs) and 720 MT bagged rice.
  • The WFP-chartered MV Victoria will sail for one month with the option of two extensions of 15 days each.The MV Victoria will be loading in Cebu on 23 December. The MV will be serving Cebu - Tacloban on a regular basis and other destinations based on need
  • As of 23 December, 6,399 m3/2,085 MT of cargo has been delivered to Tacloban on WFP-contracted vessels for the following organizations: Care, Direct Relief International, Global Medical, International Medical Corps, International Relief and Development, UNICEF, UNHCR, UNFPA and WFP, for transporting Shelter, Health, Early Recovery, Education, Food, and Operational Support commodities.
  • Ormoc Port Authority is willing to grant priority berthing to vessels transporting humanitarian cargo as long as it is time-sensitive. Organizations should contact the Port Focal Point: Bernardo C. Calledo. Ormoc Tel: 09266663051/ 09185276281
  • The Logistics Cluster will shortly be conducting assessments of Baybay and Isabel Ports.


  • WFP, as lead agency of the Logistics Cluster, is providing some 8,000 m2 of storage space to humanitarian organizations in the key locations of Tacloban, Guiuan, Ormoc, Roxas and Cebu, with the capacity to scale-up rapidly if needed. Inter-agency storage at these sites is temporary storage only. Land on the compounds in Tacloban and Ormoc has been made available for organisations to establish their own dedicated MSUs if required (longer term storage).
  • Support also continues to be provided to other agencies for the assemblage of MSUs.
  • As of 23 December, 97 requests for storage have been received and nearly 5,876 m3/ 1,904 MT has been stored in inter-agency warehouses.

Logistics Gaps/Bottlenecks

  • As warehousing in general remains a bottleneck, existing warehouse facilities have been identified in Tacloban and Roxas for rehabilitation to ensure long-term storage capacity.
  • Without visibility on the upstream pipeline of organizations using Logistics Cluster activities it is difficult to plan sea transport and storage capacity requirements for the upcoming period.
  • Commercial sector shipping from Manila and Cebu to Tacloban remains overstretched, causing some delays in cargo delivery.