Source Logistics Cluster
Theme Coordination, Air Transport, Overland Transport, Border Crossings and Customs
Countries Philippines
Document type Situation Update
Publication date 17/11/2013

Border Crossings & Customs

  • WFP and the Logistics Cluster have established regular coordination with the Department for Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) to ensure no delays with customs clearance of imported humanitarian cargo.
  • As part of the Logistics Emergency Team (LET) partnership, a UPS representative is available to advise the humanitarian community on customs procedures. Contact details may be found at: http//

Air Transport

  • UNHAS is currently based in Cebu and is ready to provide limited passenger services. A User Group meeting will be held on 18 November in Manila.
  • A DFID C-17 transport plane filled with heavy-duty vehicles, machinery (loaders, handlers, fork and shovel fixing) has landed in Cebu. 2 more will follow. The heavy equipment has been donated to support Logistics Cluster’s operations.

Overland Transport

  • A fleet of trucks has been secured in Tacloban to meet the needs of humanitarian organisations operating within the Island of Leyte.


  • Two Mobile Storage Units (MSUs) have been erected in Cebu airport and a hanger has been secured.
  • One MSU has been erected at Tacloban airport to aid the decongestion of the airside.


  • The Logistics Cluster has secured 20.000 litres of Diesel in Tacloban. This fuel is to ensure the smooth running of humanitarian logistics operations and will made available in case of fuel shortages to the humanitarian community under a coupon system.


  • The Logistics Cluster and Emergency Telecommunications Cluster (ETC) conducted a Joint Rapid Assessment in Roxas. There are common logistics challenges for all organisations. The road network is viable, no major road access constraints. A logistics technical assessment of the logistics capacity available on Panay Island will be conducted soon in order to address potential gaps.

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