Source Logistics Cluster
Theme Air Transport, Overland Transport, Sea and Rivers Transport, Border Crossings and Customs
Countries Philippines
Document type Situation Update
Publication date 15/11/2013

Border Crossings & Customs

Air Transport

  • The Logistics Cluster is liaising with USAID at Manila airport for the movement of priority humanitarian cargo.
  • Air traffic congestion at Manila and Tacloban airports is causing flight delays.

Overland Transport

  • Limited local trucking capacity on Leyte Island, in the context of the volume of expected aid deliveries could pose a constraint, but is being addressed. A dedicated fleet of trucks is being mobilised to operate in Leyte.

Sea Transport

  • A container vessel has arrived in Tacloban carrying operational support equipment.
  • A Ro-Ro vessel (capacity 2,800MT) is being chartered and will be made available to the humanitarian community for the transportation of relief cargo between Cebu and Tablocan.
  • A 2000MT barge has been loaded in Cebu with 500m3/100MT of relief supplies for Save the Children and 6 trucks of relief goods for Samaritan’s Purse to be dispatched to Tacloban.


  • Storage in Cebu and Tacloban is limited and likely to become a constraint as more agencies forward their cargo there. The Logistics Cluster is looking at options to augment storage capacity in both locations.

Other Logistics Gaps or Bottlenecks

  • Availability of fuel in Tacloban remains limited and options to secure fuel in case of shortages are being investigated.

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