Source Logistics Cluster
Theme Coordination, Sea and Rivers Transport, Overland Transport, Air Transport
Document type Situation Update
Publication date 14/01/2014

Coordination & Information Management/GIS

  • Logistics Cluster continues to provide Logistics Coordination, Information management/GIS in Tacloban, Guiuan, Omroc, Cebu, and Roxas.

Border Crossings & Customs

  • Following reported delays in customs clearances of shipments, the One Stop Shop is now completely operational in Manila and Cebu. Their working timings are from 08:00- 17:00 (Mon to Fri) and can be made available on weekends if given notice. Contact numbers for Manila OSS are (02 – 8313421 & 8795088). Anilisa T Gubalane (09157511961) and Ananisa F Aviso (09158063287) can be contacted for any information for Cebu.

Access constraints and Assessments

  • A commercial warehouse assessment in Ormoc has been completed. Details have been shared with partners. A further assessment is underway in Roxas and details of warehouses identified so far have been shared with the organizations.
  • UNHCR has informed the Logistics Cluster about an additional washed out bridge located 9 kilometers upland from Abuyogon, in the Burauen área, south of Tacloban. The Cluster in collaboration with partners obtained details of the location and the extent of damage caused. Access constraints map has been updated accordingly. An Access constraints map as of 13 January 2014 can be accessed at:
  • According to UNOCHA, the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) of the Leyte 2nd Engineering district will mobilise to start construction of a detour bridge to ease access to the areas cut off by damaged bridges in the Burauen municipality, while waiting for the release of funds for the construction of a new bridge.
  • The Logistics Cluster is in the process of updating the Logistics Capacity Assessment for Philippines and other organizations are requested to share any information they have in this regard and/or requests for assessments/information.

Sea Transport

  • Landing craft Victoria reached Guiuan on 13 January carrying WFP rice.
  • The Logistics Cluster is requesting partners intending to use sea transport services from Cebu to Tacloban to submit the Service Request Forms (SRFs) so that the Cluster can plan the facility accordingly before mid-February.


  • The Logistics Cluster is assisting the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) in establishing a logistics hub in Palompon, near Ormoc. A dedicated team is installing a Mobile Storage Unit (MSU) to augment DSWD storage capacity in the new location.
  • WFP, as lead agency of the Logistics Cluster, is providing some 8,000 m2 of temporary storage space to humanitarian organizations in the key locations of Tacloban, Guiuan, Ormoc, Roxas and Cebu.
  • As of 12 January 2014, 156 requests for storage have been received and 8,270m3/2,500 MT has been stored in inter-agency warehouses.

Overland Transport

  • Logistics Cluster support with trucks to DSWD distribution activities across Leyte is still on-going.
  • WFP has dedicated trucks available in Roxas which can be made available for inter-agency requirements subject to the availability.
  • The Logistics Cluster can provide shunting services in Cebu based on need.
  • To date the Logistics Cluster has facilitated the transport of 14,148m3/9,647 MT of inter-agency cargo by Road.

Capacity Building

  • Following training 20 DSWD staff, the Logistics Cluster in partnership with the Logistics Emergency team (LET) has planned two more sessions on Health & Safety in warehousing operations on 13th and 14th of January. The sessions will be attended by participants from DSWD, Philippines Red Cross, Medair, Plan International, Samaritan Purse, IMC, TNT, UPS, Maersk, IMO UNHCR and WFP.
  • A basic warehouse management training in handling NFIs is planned in Roxas. Organizations interested to participate can contact Rizwan Ali at
  • The Logistics Cluster is seeking interest of its partners to enhance local capacity through the design and implementation of practical /tailored training sessions. Partners are invited to propose thematic of interests such as Basic warehouse management, Basic shipping operations, Mobile Storage Units (MSUs), basic data collection through GPS and etc.

Air Transport

  • UNHAS anticipates to close down its emergency air transport services by end of January 2014. UNHAS is gradually reducing operations during the course of this month whereas number of weekly flights to and from Tacloban will be reduced by half starting the 19th Jan.14 and Roxas/Guiuan 3 flights per week while no flights will be operating on Sundays. The helicopter is also expected to demobilize with effect from 19th Jan.14, thus leaving one fixed wing to operate till end of January.
  • UNHAS is currently working closely with Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) in order to upgrade rescue and firefighting capability and ensure safe air operations at Guiuan Airport.
  • UNHAHAS remains on emergency standby and can be reached on – mobile 09158616981/09276029005

Other Logistics Gaps or Bottlenecks

  • Delays have been reported in the customs clearances of shipments by some organizations.
  • Commercial warehousing in general remains limited, however, Logistics Cluster storage is available in key locations.