Source Logistics Cluster
Theme Coordination, Air Transport, Overland Transport, Sea and Rivers Transport
Countries Philippines
Document type Situation Update
Publication date 06/01/2014


  • Logistics Cluster meetings are regularly held in Tacloban, Guiuan, Omroc, Cebu, Roxas and on ad-hoc basis in Manila.

Information Management/GIS

  • The Logistics Cluster has dedicated IM officers based in Cebu and Tacloban. The Logistics Cluster has also a dedicated GIS capacity in Cebu along with a plotter and is proving GIS/Mapping support to the humanitarian community.

Border Crossings & Customs

  • The normal custom procedures must now be followed for the import of all cargo. The One Stop Shop and the Logistics Cluster remain available to assist in any advisory role if required.


  • UNHCR has informed the Logistics Cluster about an additional washed out bridge located 9 kilometers upland from Abuyogon, in the Burauen área, south of Tacloban. The Logistics cluster plans to conduct a quick assessment in collaboration with other partners to determine the extent of damage caused and its implication on the movement of relief cargo.

Capacity Building

  • In partnership with the Logistics Emergency Team (LET), the Logistics Cluster is providing technical expertise on warehousing, handling equipment, and Health & Safety trainings to government and WFP staff. So far 20 Department for Social Welfare & Development (DSWD) staff including supervision and management staff has been trained on Health & Safety awareness.


  • Republic of Korea Military Engineering contingent is expected soon to support the operation with engineering equipment and technical engineering capacity. They will operate in Tolosa, Palo and Tanuan, with an operation centre in Cebu.
  • The Logistics Cluster has submitted a request to UNOCHA/OCD for military engineering assistance to initially assess and potentially support infrastructure rehabilitation of the reported damaged bridges in Burauen City.

Air Transport

  • As of 05 January 2014, UNHAS has transported 1,997 passengers (including 1 medevac) and over 7 MT of humanitarian cargo. 334 flights have been executed to 20 different locations.
  • UNHAS is working with Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) in order to upgrade rescue and firefighting capability at Guiuan Airport. This action will enable UNHAS schedule fixed wing aircraft (more than 10 seats) to fly safely to and from Guiuan. Based on marked improvement in accessing most locations via other commercial means, UNHAS anticipates to close down its emergency air transport services by end of January 2014.
  • Current UNHAS fleet: 1 x Dornier 228 and 1 X Sikorsky 76 both based in Cebu.
  • UNHAS now operates two flights a day between Cebu and Tacloban (morning and afternoon) except on Sundays. In line with the decrease in demand, 3 flights will be operated a week (Monday Wednesday and Friday) between Cebu and Roxas and 3 flights a week (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday) between Cebu and Guiuan.
  • Flights will no longer take place on Sunday, however, UNHAHAS remains on emergency standby and can be reached on – Tel: 09158616981/09276029005

Sea Transport

  • Barge Victoria arrived in Isabel Island from Cebu on 03 January 2014. She is scheduled to depart Isabel Island on 08 January for Guiuan, its final destination, carrying WFP rice. The next rotation for the barge is planned for 12 January 2014. Details can be viewed at:
  • Ormoc Port Authority is willing to grant priority berthing to vessels transporting humanitarian cargo as long as it is time-sensitive. Organizations should contact Bernardo C. Calledo, port focal point. Tel: 09266663051/ 09185276281
  • As of 05 January 2014, the Logistics Cluster has facilitated the transport of 8,049m3/2,634 MT of inter-agency cargo by Sea.


  • WFP, as lead agency of the Logistics Cluster, is providing some 8,000 m2 of temporary storage space to humanitarian organizations in the key locations of Tacloban, Guiuan, Ormoc, Roxas and Cebu, with the capacity to scale-up rapidly if needed.
  • The warehouse compound at Palo just outside Tacloban has 28 MSUs; IFRC, UNICEF, ACF and WFP have set up MSUs in this compound. Five remain available for inter-agency storage via the Logistics Cluster. Land in the compound has been made available for organizations to establish their own dedicated Mobile Storage Units (MSUs) if required (long-term storage).
  • As of 05 January 2014, 123 requests for storage have been received and 6,627m3/2,106 MT has been stored in inter-agency warehouses.

Overland transport

  • 10 dedicated trucks are available for inter-agency cargo movement in Roxas.
  • The British Red Cross has dedicated fleet of trucks (Four 20 tonners: Two 5 Tonners) in Roxas which can be used by any organization subject to the availability and the request for use has to go through the Logistics Cluster. The organizations interested in using the trucks will have to pay for towards the fuel cost.
  • Logistics Cluster transport support to the DSWD for their distribution activities across Leyte is still on-going.
  • To date the Logistics Cluster has facilitated the transport of 7,606m3/4,953 MT of inter-agency cargo by Road.

Other Logistics Gaps or Bottlenecks

  • Limited commercial road transport capacity is presenting some difficulties for partners in the Guiuan and Roxas.
  • Commercial warehousing in general remains limited, however, Logistics Cluster storage is available in key locations.