Source Logistics Cluster
Theme Coordination, Air Transport, Overland Transport, Sea and Rivers Transport
Countries Philippines
Document type Situation Update
Publication date 02/12/2013


  • The Logistics Cluster is providing over 6,000 m2 of storage space to the humanitarian community, in multiple locations including Tacloban, Guiuan, Ormoc, Roxas and Cebu with the capacity to scale-up rapidly.
  • The Logistics Cluster has facilitated the transport of over 1,500 MT /4,500 m3 (approximately 140 x 20 ft containers) of relief items via sea, air and road transport on behalf of over 25 different organizations. Shelter 39%; Food & Nutrition 27% WASH 19%; Logistics 9%; Health 6%.
  • On 30 and 01 December, 119 MT/ 444m3 of relief items were airlifted from Cebu on military aircraft from the Philippines, New Zealand, Italy, and Sweden, for 12 different organizations to Tacloban, Roxas, Guian and Ormoc.

Sea Transport

  • The Australian Navy ’s HMAS Tobruk, a Landing Ship Heavy (LSH) able to launch helicopters, will be used for the transportation of inter-agency relief items to Bantayan and the smaller outlining islands to the north of Cebu. Departure is expected to be around 04 December.
  • The WFP-contracted vessel MV Super Shuttle Ro-Ro 5 arrived in Tacloban on 29 November with goods for UNFPA, UNHCR, IFRC, ACF, DFID, WHO, IMC, WFP, ACTED, and MTI. Discharging is complete and the vessel is now returning to Cebu to reload. The next expected sailing will take place on 04 December.

Air Transport

  • UNHAS has contracted a B-1900 fixed-wing aircraft (19-pax capacity). The B-1900 will be flying exclusively from Cebu (no Manila flights) to all locations (Guian, Ormoc, Roxas and Tacloban) based on passenger requirements. A new schedule has been posted on the Logistics Cluster website .
  • Since the beginning of UNHAS operations in the Philippines, 600 pax and 3.1 MT of cargo have been transported on the 122 UNHAS flights executed to 14 locations including Manila, Cebu, Ormoc, Roxas, Guiuan, Tacloban, Romblon, Alcantara, San Roque, Palawan, Cuyo, Lungsod, Borangan and Iloilo.
  • WFP, as lead agency of the Logistics Cluster, has provided a generator to support operations at Guiuan airport and has activated its private sector partnership with the Logistics Emergency Team (UPS, Maersk, Agility and TNT) to provide assistance with heavy machinery (two forklifts) and staff support for airport operations.
  • Due to a decrease in air operations at Tacloban airport, the inter-agency Mobile Storage Unit (MSU) based at the airport is now transitioning to a helicopter staging facility on behalf of the Department for Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). Inter-agency cargo will be stored at the Palo compound.

Surface Transport

  • In Guiuan, three 10-wheeler trucks are available for inter-agency use and more can be made available if the need arises.


  • All of the 2,000 litres of fuel donated free of charge by Fuel Relief Fund have been transported to Guiuan through the Logistics Cluster and allocated to requesting organizations. No further supplies are expected to be necessary.


  • Regular Logistics Cluster Coordination Meetings are being held in Manila,Tacloban, Cebu, Roxas, Ormoc and Guiuan.

Gaps / Needs / Constraints

  • The Port of Guiuan consists of a small dock measuring approximately 8m x 15m. Several organisations are bringing cargo into the Port and it is severely congested. The road access around the Port is also poor and trucks are backed up. The Port of Barangai Molos in the vicinity is being assessed as an alternative point of discharge. The information will be provided to Logistics Cluster participants as soon as it is available.