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Publication date 29/10/2009


After being delayed by the  forecasted Typhoon Lupit, about 150  trucks  left  today at 06:00  for  the government-organized  “Relief Caravan”  to  take goods  to  Laguna and Rizal.

Logistics Coordination

In  line with  the NDCC  push  to  deliver  relief  goods  to  Laguna  and  Rizal  in  Southern Luzon, temporary staging areas are being established at Calamba City and at Camp Capinpin.

  • An  updated  DSWD  rapid  needs  assessment  by  family  has  been  carried  out  as  the basis of distributions  to  the area. Under  this  revised project, approximately 300 mt of goods will require transport to the southern areas. 
  • The  "Relief Caravan" of around  150  trucks and military  vehicles carrying goods  from government agencies, private donors and international organizations left this morning at  6:00 am for  Southern  Luzon. A  launch ceremony was attended by the president.
    The Logistics Cluster sent  five trucks carrying DSWD goods. The convoy will branch off to deliver relief supplies to areas throughout Region IV-A.
  • Tropical Storm Mirinae is expected to make landfall over central Luzon within 36 hours as a category 2 typhoon, bringing heavy winds and rainfall. This is expected to impact operations, in particular helicopter deliveries.


Customs information including the process for NGOs bringing goods into the country is available here

Air Operations

  • For  the  coming  days,  one  helicopter  will  be  focusing  on  the  mountainous  areas around Tanay as well as Cardona and Binangonan Islands in Region IV-A.
  • The  other  helicopter  is  still being  tasked  for  rotations  in Northern  Luzon,  focusing  on Benguet,  Ilocos Norte and  Ilocos Sur. Recent missions have  included assessments  for road and bridge conditions as well as distributions to cut off barangays.
  • As  of  October  27,  109  rotations  have  been  carried  out,  with  helicopter  deliveries reaching 90.3 mt of food and 3 mt of NFI to cut off locations.
  • Cargo  and  passenger  movement  request  forms  are  available  here 

Infrstructure / Warehousing

  • LET (Logistics Emergency Team) staff have been NROC (the National Relief Operations Center)  since Monday  to  assist  with  operations.  Yesterday  saw  heightened  activity with a large quantity of trucks and military vehicles being loaded with DSWD goods for the Relief Caravan. 
  • A  list  of  warehouses  is  available here


  • Logistics  Cluster  surface  transport  is  continuing  to  Northern  Luzon.  As  of  Tuesday, deliveries also began to Laguna and Rizal. This takes place using both contracted and LET trucks, and is being carried out on request from the DSWD. 
  • According  to  the  Department  of  Public Works  and  Highways,  nine  bridges  remain impassable in the affected areas.


  • A new map has been produced of helicopter  landing  zones and deliveries.  This has been made available in the Map Centre
  • Google/GeoVantage  is  in-country  and  will  be  covering  1,000  km2  of  land  to  take high-definition  imagery  of  the  affected  areas  in  order  to  identify  infrastructure damage and  flooding. A Logistics Cluster map  showing  the  selected and  requested areas to be covered is attached to this sitrep.