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Countries Pakistan
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Publication date 25/09/2009


  • Kidnappers of the Greek NGO member in Chitral have reportedly demanded a ransom of two million dollars and release of three Afghan Taliban leaders for his safe return.
  • According to the GoP, local police in Islamabad have arrested 56 suspected terrorists in the past three months plotting to target senior Pakistani individuals.
  • US drone attacks continued this week, it has been reported four to eight people have been killed by an attack on the markaz of Afghan commander Ahmad Haqqani in North Waziristan on 24 September 2009.
  • 56,000 – 84,000 individuals were displaced as a result of military operations in Khyber Agency on 07 September. The UN Refugee Agency has estimated that 87 percent of them have moved in with relatives and 13 percent are renting.
  • All UN offices in Balochistan province remain closed and operations are still partly suspended until further notice, after a threat was received by a separatist movement on 03 August. International staff has been relocated to Islamabad and National staff is working from home.
  • Revised data provided by the GoP indicates the official IDP figures of the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) still stands at 382,950 families (status since 11 September)
  • One additional humanitarian hub has been established in Maidan District, in Lal Qila to increase the distribution capability for returning IDPs. The hub is expected to be operational by early next week.
  • A Humanitarian Hub in Mardan District, in Gujar Garhi has been temporarily suspended and operations have been transferred to another hub in Mardan District, in Mardan Flour Mills.
  • The overall number of operational hubs remains 29: eight in host communities, 20 in the area of returns, and one in the area of stayees (those that did not evacuate), with the expectation of an additional hub to be operational in the area of returns early next week.