Source Logistics Cluster
Theme Coordination, Air Transport, Supply Chain
Countries Philippines
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Publication date 22/10/2009

1  Highlights

  • Today’s helicopter flights were to deliver 5.2 mt of DSWD food packs to San Gabriel La Union, which had received no assistance since Typhoon Parma.

 2  Logistics Coordination

  • The Logistics Cluster is mobilizing additional capacity on request from DSWD to provide surface transport to northern Luzon  for subsequent  forward movement either by  road or by airlift.
  • The DSWD currently has 250 mt of goods awaiting transport to the affected areas, and are filing Cargo Movement Requests (CMR) for Logistics Cluster transportation.

-  DSWD  cargo  includes  national  relief  goods,  cargo  consigned  by  UN  agencies and NGOs, and bilateral donations. 

  • The  US  has mobilized  boat  and  helicopter  assets  to  possible  search  and  rescue  for post-Typhoon Lupit relief operations. A Navy ship might be positioned off the coast of northern  Luzon  to  support  these  efforts.  The  PNP  (Philippines  National  Police)  has rubber  boats  standing  by,  national  rescue  teams  are  at  the  ready,  and  2  PAF (Philippine Air Force) aircraft have been made available.  The  two MI-171 helicopters managed by UNHAS are on call for search and rescue should the need arise.

 3  Customs

  • The  DHL  DRT  was  activated  for  a  three  week  period,  which  ends  this  weekend.  A flowchart outlining the process for NGOs bringing goods into the country is attached to this sitrep. 

 4  Air Operations 

  • Today’s helicopter operations  focused on delivering  relief goods  to a cut-off village, San Gabriel La Union, which had not been previously identified and had received no assistance. 
  • Flights on October 20 and 21 were largely dedicated to pre-positioning goods in the cut-off areas of Bontoc, Sadanga and  Tadian  in CAR prior  to  the arrival of  Typhoon Lupit. The local police assisted in moving some relief cargo from the delivery point to two nearby villages.
  • Arrangements have been made to position fuel at Wallace Airbase and Tuguegarao to increase the number of possible rotations.
  • Most of  the cargo delivered has been  for DSWD and  the DOH, but goods have also been transported for WHO, UNICEF, WFP and the Samaritan’s Purse.
  • As  of October  21,  a  total  of  67  rotations were  flown  to  cut  off  and  hard  to  reach locations.  
  • Cargo  and  passenger  movement  request  forms  are  available here

 5  Infrastructure/Warehousing

  • The  DHL  DRT  warehouse  at  the  airport  is  being  closed  down  as  the  end  of  their contract  to assist  in  the  Philippines approaches, and goods will  now  come  through normal cargo warehouses. The DRT can provide contacts within cargo warehouses to prearrange the waiver of storage fees.
  • Following requests at the last Logistics Cluster meeting, the LET has offered to provide a basic warehouse training session for any organization wishing to participate.
  • Laborers  provided  by  Agility  under  the  LET  agreement  will  be mobilized  to  support DSWD  / NROC warehouses and assist  the Logistics Cluster  in dispatching goods  from the DSWD central warehouse.
  • A  list  of  available  warehouses  is  available here

 6  Transport 

  • Of  the  five LET-donated  trucks which have been  tasked by  the Logistics Cluster, one will  remain at  the Villamor airbase  to deliver cargo  for airlift, one will serve  the Metro Manila  area,  and  the  other  three  will  be  made  available  for  some  deliveries  to northern Luzon.

 7  Mapping


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