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Countries Philippines
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Publication date 15/10/2009

1 Highlights

  • The first helicopter flights took place today, Thursday October 15, carrying teams for assessment missions, high energy biscuits for WFP, and medical kits for WHO.
  • An artificial dam has formed in Umingan, Pandasinan, due to landslides and rubble impeding the normal river flow. The huge volume of blocked water poses a serious threat of floods and mudslides in the Maseil‐seil, Caurdenataan and Don Montano barangays. Hundreds of residents in the threatened areas have already been evacuated, and adjacent barangays remain under alert.
  • The bad weather is resulting in flood advisories for areas of Calabarzon and Mimaropa.

2 Logistics Coordination

  • The Camp Aquino site in Tarlac is being closed by the RDCC, since relief goods are moving directly to forward sites. Tarlac may still be used for helicopter operations. Baguio City will become an operations center for the north.
  • Relief goods destined for locations in the north are currently being warehoused in the Benguet State University (BSU) oval in La Trinidad.
  • The Logistics Cluster Concept of Operations detailing the Logistics Cluster Cell’s mandate for the Philippines flood response has been disseminated and is available on the website, along with a mapping of activities.
  • The Logistics Cluster delivered two 100‐kva generators to hospitals identified by WHO and the Department of Health.

3 C/M Coord

  • A prioritization cell for cargo movement has been established, chaired by NDCC and including the Resident Coordinator’s office, the Logistics Cluster, UNHAS, and DSWD. This team will identify the prioritizations by area and the nature of the relief.
  • The scheduling cell for the two WFP‐contracted helicopters is jointly chaired by the NDCC and UNHAS. Representatives of the Philippines Air Force will provide liaison. The cell is producing the tasking plan to fulfill requested missions.

4 Customs 

  • Customs information is available here

5 Air Operations

  • Civil Aviation Authority clearance has been obtained for the two MI-171s serving the Philippines operation. The first flights took place today from La Trinidad/Baguio into surrounding cut-off and hard-to-access barangays to perform assessment missions and deliver urgently needed relief goods.

- MI-171 UN 32W completed its operation as planned, delivering 1 mt of HEB and 4 emergency health kits to the town of Nangayan. Returning to Manila, an aerial assessment was done of the area south of Umingan. There was an 80 km stretch of extensive flooding from N 15° 32’ E 120° 43’ to N 14° 49’ E 120° 42’.

- The other helicopter, UN 31W, couldn’t land at Bugias due to the adverse weather and had to leave its cargo in Trinidad.

  • The Logistics Cluster will receive cargo requests via submission of a CMR (Cargo Movement Request), which will be reviewed to ensure all details are in order and the destination requires air transport prior to tasking. CMR forms have been disseminated to the Logistics Community.

6 Infrastructure/Warehousing 

  • LET (TNT-Agility-UPS) has 800 m2 of warehouse space in Metro Manila available to those in need of short-term storage. Requests should be made through the Logistics Cluster via toragemovement request form. A copy is attached to this sitrep and will be available on the website.

  • An updated list of available warehouses is available here

7 Transport    

  • The five LET-donated trucks have begun operations shuttling goods from warehouses in Manila to the airbase for onward transport by helicopter.
  • NORLCOM (the Northern Luzon Command, provincial HQ of the Armed Forces of the Philippines) is dispatching two of the boats that WFP donated to the NDCC from Tarlac Camp Aquino to the site of the artificial dam in Uminan for purposes of possible search and rescue.
  • According to the NDCC, 28 roads are still closed including a stretch of Halsema Highway and Ambuklao. Opening the Halsema road has been made a priority.

8 Mapping

  • A GIS officer has arrived for the Logistics Cluster and will be focusing on road accessibility and other logistics maps. Current Logistics Cluster maps are available here 
  • These will be produced in close cooperation with NAMRIA (the national mapping agency).


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