Source Logistics Cluster
Theme Coordination, Air Transport, Supply Chain, Border Crossings and Customs
Countries Philippines
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Publication date 12/10/2009


  • The draft Logistics Cluster Concept of Operations is being revised to accommodate potential requirements to support the government response in the north.

Logistics Coordination

  • Requests to the NDCC and RDCCs (Regional Disaster Coordinating Councils) regarding logistics should be channeled through the Logistics Cluster, assuring a more streamlined process of Communication.

  • Logistics Cluster meetings will be held on Tuesdays and Fridays at 10 am at the WFP offices.

C/M Coord

  • The NDCC is in the process of delegating more responsibilities to regional and provincial levels, which are well-organized  with good information on affected areas and logistics assets.
  • The Logistics Cluster is facilitating the use of US Military assets for a shipment of Samaritans Purse humanitarian cargo from Manila to Tuguegarao Airport


  • A snapshot detailing the process of the “One Stop Shop” for customs and a copy of the Certificate of Undertaking required by the DSWD from NGOs are now available here.

Air Operations

  • The two Mi-171 are estimated to  be ready for operations by Tuesday afternoon. Scheduling for the first few days may include joint assessment missions in coordination with the government

  • UNHAS is coordinating the use of the helipads, the hanger, fuel and workers at Camp Aquino to support operations from Tarlac.

  • Cargo procedures and Cargo Movement Request (CMR) forms will be established with the NDCC tomorrow (October
    13) and shared with all organizations upon finalization.


  • DHL is providing airport service for incoming
    humanitarian cargo linking with the One Stop Shop for customs clearance, as well as warehousing before onward movement. The humanitarian community is being encouraged to take advantage of this process for incoming goods. A snapshot on
    this system is attached to tonight’s sitrep.

  • The DSWD/Region III is identifying sites which could serve as hubs for the areas affected by Typhoon Parma and the San Roque dam flooding.

  • The warehouse at Camp Aquino is a roofed gym (approx 600 m2). It is suitable for short-term storage, but pallets and
    tarps will be required. There is full truck access with hard standing.


  • The five LET-donated trucks will be tasked to move goods from
    warehouses (both DRT and other) to the airbase for helicopter transport. This solves the problem of truck restrictions on the airbase and will ensure a smooth warehouse to airport supply chain.

  • About 48 tons of relief supplies have arrived at Camp Aquino in Tarlac and been recounted and repacked by DSWD before
    being transported by the military and US Marines to other provinces. 2 mt is still in the Camp Aquino warehouse. 8 Mapping

  • A GIS officer has arrived for the Logistics Cluster and is currently embedded with the other GIS teams at the NDCC complex. Current Logistics Cluster maps are available here

  • A list of other map resources is available here


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