Source Logistics Cluster
Theme Overland Transport
Countries Pakistan
Document type Other
Publication date 01/04/2006

Detailed Assessment by UNDSS, UNOPS and WHO

Reshian to Lipa Pass

This route is technically open but is riddled with minor slides, avalanche black spots, deep mud, road slippage, and encroaching tree roots.  Only the most experienced local 4WD drivers attempt this  route and use heavy loading for traction including weight over the front axle.  Vehicles were doing no more than 5kmh, which is slower than on foot   There is a bulldozer clearing the lower slopes but the task is reasonably endless and fruitless.  On reaching the pass into Lipa the road worsens and is covered by snow.  A cursory inspection suggested 3 levels of heavily waterlogged snow on slopes of 35 - 55 degrees (avalanche territory).  It is not recommended to attempt this in a vehicle without serious amount of preparation; anyone wishing to discuss movement options in this area please feel free to approach UNJLC Muzaffarabad.

For more information on Muzaffarabad area roads please contact UNJLC Muzaffarabad at +92 (0)300 856 8455.